March 13, 2021

Spring is coming. The senecio that immigrated from South Africa is blooming for the first time, delicate yellow flowers at the tips of the branches. I believe the mezzanine plant next to the new sweet pea is also a senecio, just past its first winter over.

The variegated geranium in the Front Border garden is showing its first bloom, and the monkey flower is starting to bloom. The white geraniums, descendants of the Great Mother, are already flourishing steadily. They do not increase much in size from year to year, much to their credit and my relief.

A little more rain is due on Monday and mauve later in the week.

I mowed the lawn in the late morning and ran the weed whacker along the verges and down the driveway. Poppies and other wildflowers on the far side of the driveway are coming back for another season. Like a box of chocolates, Forrest.

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