March 31, 2021

I prepared for my annual tradition of planting in Holy Week, which was interrupted last year. In Oakland on Tuesday, I made the rounds of the Ace Garden Center and the Berkeley Hort. The Trailing Plant Section at Ace was limited but I did find one purple petunia (Tiki Torch) that may trail. I also found a fine spider agave for the Experimental Box and a dudleya for the great bowl in Oakland. The Berkeley Hort was responsible for the Prince William geranium, clarkia – a new choice for the turquoise pot, and a tall penstemon for the front porch. The bronze leaf begonia appears to have survived against all odds.

The pale yellow and white California native irises exploded for Holy Week, giving me hope for the two native irises at the Ranch. They are just coming through their first winter over.

Jasmine in budding both in Oakland and up country. Meanwhile back at the ranch, the large crape myrtle and two remaining branches of the scarlet myrtle are showing new growth.

Afternoon temperatures were in the mid-70s when I arrived back at the ranch. I did not want to be inside so I mowed the lawn. Mike and I dug out and replaced two older underperforming sprinklers beside the porch slab. Seems to have worked magnificently.

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