April 1, 2021 Holy Thursday

I spent a bit of time weeding and laying down Preen mulch around the marigold box. Now is the time for spring bloomers and the new annuals.

The white monkey flower is in full bloom, a great success. The variegated geranium in the Front Border Garden already has profuse blooms, I will clip those and the camellia blooms for the Easter cross.

I found a small container of lamium at Loew’s and will try establishing it in the Experimental Box, next to the new spider agave. The last attempt droned in the large bowl with no drain hole.

The unidentified succulent in the Back Porch Border Garden is showing its spring tentacles and buds. I replaced the manifold for more consistent water. The matilija poppies are self seeding with abandon on the back hillside.

The magenta osteospermum has a single white bloom at its edge, Very curious. The three established osteospermums are at the end of their blooming season and should be pruned back with the next two weeks.

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