April 2, 2021 – Good Friday

Temperatures today are unseasonably warm, high of 81 degrees. I will need to switch to early morning work in the yard for the summer months.

The lower rockrose in the Front Slope Garden has a profusion of buds and looks ready to pop in a week or two. Mid-April is the usual blooming time for all three rock roses. I pruned around the buds for Spots.

I settled the new spider agave and lamium ground cover into the Experimental Box, and filled the containers with petunias. Each container including the calibrachoa received a booster of potting soil and a blanket of Preen mulch.

Weeding is the primary activity for the next few weeks I dug out a section of the Front Border Garden around the Christmas Star cactus, watered in the Preen and laid down a layer of Preen mulch.

Little Myrtle of the Far East is showing new growth and promises another faithful blooming season. I pruned back the firecracker plant and gave it supplemental water from the rain barrel. I will save the Back Border Garden weeding for Monday morning.

The lemon and lime trees are both leafing out and the lime tree has buds. Patience is rewarded. I will need to consider removing the oldest branch of the lemon tree; most of the new growth is from the base. The goal is to keep the citrus trees under three feet.

I spent the afternoon looking at past years for Good Friday plantings. Year 2020 was a miss because all the nurseries were closed. 2019 was, however, the year of the Circle Garden planting.

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