April 21, 2021

I pruned back the white and magenta osteospermums as they appear to be at the end of their blooming season, hopefully the first of two or more. I cut off the spent blooms and pulled out the dead growth underneath. For now, the lavender and burnt orange osteospermums can rest.

I replaced the manifold in the Front Slope Garden that had sprung a leak, moving into full water conservation mode. I shortened the feeder to the French lavender and redirected a feeder to the ceanothus. The ceanothus is having a magnificent blooming season this year.

I reduced the irrigation water to the back yard to a three day cycle and the front yard to a two day cycle. A drought season is in the offing for the second year in a row, and the entire state is expecting from severe to extreme to exceptional dry conditions for the next six months. I am beginning to conserve now looking ahead through the season. The front garden is entirely on a drip and will likely survive on a two day cycle. The only thirsty plants are the camellias and the containers that can be managed the directed watering. The last rain for the season is due on Sunday.

The Southern blueberry bush may have already have berries appearing this year. I will need to check what is its usual ripening schedule.

All the matilija poppies are thriving, even the littlest one that is Madeline. Matilda has buds promising fried egg blooms, perhaps this summer.

Mike and I applied kerosene to the burn pile in center field, and it went up magnificently. Also generated intense heat. The leftover plywood and supports from Spots’s old roof did not burn well.

As I came in this evening, I saw two pairs of Canadian geese on the drinking pond for the cows, paddling quietly along.

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