April 30, 2021

Both sunset rockroses in the Front Slope Garden are blooming, as well as the raphiolepis in the Triangle Garden. I may look for a nitrogen rich fertilizer for Raphi who is looking a bit scrawny. The surprise lily that is a surprise every year in the Triangle Garden is sending up its shoots.

The photinia seems to be suffering the Spartacus effect, emerging into the sun when all the overgrown as cut down. I hauled down supplemental water and adjusted the irrigation feeder to a downward slope.

Looking back at last April, I found that what I planned as California native irises were in fact a white satin variety of liberta. The blooms in Saint Francis Plaza are about to be replicated in the Back Border Garden.

Apparently the rain barrel at the Herb Garden has never been drawn off. Today it was full to the brim and may have overflowed in the latest rain. I cleared the downspout of debris, and will use that barrel for watering house plants through the coming dry season.

I pruned back the licorice plant by half. In that process, I uncovered the manifold at the back of the plant along the retaining wall, and reattached a stray irrigation line to the neighboring deep pink geranium. Lack of an irrigation feeder does not seem to have impeded its growth, but I expect a dedicated drip will be welcome in the dry season just beginning this week.

I mowed the lawn. It seems healthy on a three day cycle so far. Just for good measure, I cut the overgrown grass in the Corporation Yard away from the propane tank.

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