May 5, 2020

I gave attention to the Oakland back yard yesterday, trimming back the native irises to the core and digging out the dead growth underneath. The fortnight lilies benefit from this treatment each year, hopefully not a false comparison. I thinned out the traditional irises and removed a third of the root clusters. The plumbago and the marrow are almost outgrowing the garden, and needed to be pruned back significantly. For good measure, I dead headed the bulbine. I removed the Lily of the Nile at the end of its season to leave more room for the day lilies.

The sasanqua camellia is shedding a lot of leaves – perhaps its growth pattern for the summer. It received generous water that will be held in the container.

I will prune the tangerine tree next week. The climbing roses, yellow and pink, are in full blooming mode, right on schedule.

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