May 8, 2021

Two years in coming, the first bloom on the matilija poppies. I looked back to May 2019 when they were first planted. Lots of buds now as well.

The crimson and white ostespermums are coming back for a second bloom after pruning. I worked on the lavender ostespermum this morning.

Time of systematic maintenance on the flagstones. I expended four gallons of Roundup – two refills of the container, front, side and back. My hope is to catch the weeds just before the dry season settles in for good. I prefer weeds that are not just dormant but dead to the roots.

I pruned back all three roses and removed the spent blooms. They are all already flourishing this season. The two pink roses appear to have a dusty border effect.

Mike and I tended the back lawn and border irrigation system yesterday. The chart will need to be updated to trace from each valve to the respective sprinklers and drips. Removing algae clogged filters substantially improved water pressure and coverage. I also found and dug out another sprinkler buried in the grass, just in front of the herb garden.

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