May 13, 2021

Temperatures reached into the 90s coming across the valley yesterday afternoon. I may have seen fields not being planted this year. The marsh grasses are still plentiful on the Stockton levee road.

I pruned the tangerine tree to allow light into the center and to contain the tree within the Oakland back garden space. That tree has many promising buds and blossoms. I also pruned back the outlier shoots on the climbing rose to keep it a concentrated ball. Its blooming season should now be over.

As I came up the back driveway, I saw that the Mexican primrose at the Circle Garden has spent its blooms. Hopefully I can encourage a second bloom, perhaps mostly for the benefit of the deer that roam the property at night.

I spent a few hours this morning digging out thistle on the back slope. I was surprised how deeply rooted it was, needing to shovel it out. I may wait further into the dry season for further digging, as the thistle is still green. Apparently water seeps down the back slope.

I deployed flash type on all three berry bushes. This is the Year of the Tall plants in the Triangle Garden. Both natives, columbine and verbena, have tall spikes that sway gently in the wind, with orange and pink blooms respectively at the end of the tall stalks.

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