May 14, 2021

The Mexican Primrose and flowering quince in the Circle Garden were looking stressed. I cleared the algae out of the filter and added a bubbler directly on the main irrigation line in the middle of the primrose patch. Mike came up later and found a second filter that was just as clogged. He added a new tap at the Circle Garden to avoid the need to turn the water off at the far side of the barn. With the clogs resolved we reduced the daily water timer to 30 minutes.

I ran the gas powered weed whacker down the center driveway strip. My current nightmare is a spark from my low-lying car that ignites a brush fire as I pass over that strip. The car already rustles as I roll out. The grass in the open areas around the house is completely dry and the ground is compacted.

The hummingbird on the cherry salvia this afternoon was a delightful moment.

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