May 21, 2021

Our faithful group met to rehearse and record the virtual Pentecost service this morning. High winds came through last night, blowing over lawn chairs and scattering cushions. Much like the rush of the Spirit through God’s holy people.

Deer appear to have made a thorough midnight snack of the roses. I pruned them back and dusted with Repels All. The marigolds received the liquid spray repellent, although I cannot determine which is more effective, if either. All the container plants had another dose of slug bait.

I saw what I thought was an armadillo in the road as I headed out, on the last stretch of the private road before Buena Vista Road. Need to investigate if they have made the home in California that they have in west Texas.

In the afternoon Frank and I walked over the dam at Lake Tabeaud and up into the higher country, crawling under a fence to reach an open ridge. Beautifully open view of the entire countryside and the black clouds that were climbing up from the valley to where we were. We finished the walk in scattered rain that increased through the late afternoon. The dam at Lake Tabeaud created a wind funnel as we crossed back at the end of our walk. Since when do we have rain in the third week of May?

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I repotted the aster one more time for transport to La Mesa.

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