May 22, 2021

I was up early to muck out Spots’s stable and spread more cover over the Berry Patch. Spots got past me out of his enclosure and would have eaten his way through all three berry bushes, if allowed. Several minutes of a chase with a hit and run on the berry bushes. I am now giving Spots more grass as he misses greenery at this time of the year.

The purple lantana in the Front Border Garden has already outgrown its space. I cut it back by a third and cleared the sidewalk.

The spent stalks on the native verbena were cut back. I am not sure it will have a second bloom.

I kept the Insert from the last Communion Sunday. It includes a beautiful Prayer of Confession and Pardon that reflects on the image of the vine and branches. Forgive us, Lord when we neglect to draw deeply from the sap of life. Have mercy on us and prune our unfaithful branches My inspiration for cutting back the purple lantana.

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