June 16, 2021

MJ and Judy drove up for Bob’s memorial service. We loaded the car for the southbound trip this morning, mostly treasures for the new Magic House.

I was proud to give MJ a tour of the garden that she has not seen in a year and a half. I shared my theory of the back yard looking out on the land, inspired by the Hearst Castle in San Simeon. She was surprised that the Ice plant on the back slope was not irrigated and yet was established.

The pink and deep red oleanders are just beginning to bloom. The liberta in the back border garden has a feathery pink bloom, even if I mistook it for a California native iris. Another unlooked for blessing.

MJ is willing to send the last coleonema on its way, leaving a large hole in the front slope garden to fill. Two likely candidates are the lamium and spider agave in the Experimental Box. The coleonema never responded well to pruning and always looked ratty.

We sat at the gazebo and watched the sun set below the ridge of trees. Jerry’s pine tree and his ice plant hold him in memory.

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