July 1, 2021

The mystery plant is a type of fuchsia with orange-red tubular flowers. One of the successes flourishing this summer in the relentless hear. The French lavender is also profuse. Most of the Front Slope Garden is carrying on with just a drip on a two day cycle. I will let the last of the coleonemas go.

The two shrub rockroses and the Saint Francis Rockrose are getting spars for Spots. I will need to consider a drastic pruning in the fall to keep the plants compact and full.

The dianthus in the Circle Garden at the barn gave up the ghost. It seemed to have adequate water but was unable to take sustained days of extreme high temperatures.

One of the carpet roses in a gazebo box was in critical condition, strangely because the other was thriving. I cut back dead growth and will monitor the water. The Japanese euonymus also appears to suffer in high continuous heat.

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