July 2, 2021

The investigation of spigot that feeds the Fire Prevention Pond is ongoing. It sputters for a minute or so, and then the flow reduces to a trickle. I will need to dig out the spigot to determine where it connects and what line it connects with. Other spigots sneeze but eventually clear the air holes. The tank for irrigation water in the barn is now nearly full. Any issues with drawing pond water up the hill have yet to surface.

The two larger myrtles have begun to bloom. The correopsis is almost ready and on schedule for its annual bloom. The maida elegans blooms in the morning and then folds up in the midday heat. It still gives off that wonderful scent while I was mow the lawn and weed early in the morning.

I applied deer and rabbit repellent generously on the photinia that refuses to die. Surprisingly, the white geraniums are not thriving in the extreme heat this summer unlike their pink and red cousins.

While I was away, Mike worked on the irrigation lines and sprinkler heads at the Berry Patch. All three varieties have come back to life although unlikely to bear this year.

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