July 9, 2021

I dealt with a few chores early in the morning. The forecast high is 109 degrees today and higher temperatures tomorrow.

I cleared the irrigation lines to the two butterfly bushes that were sagging in the intense heat. The kangaroo paws received supplemental water because the paws have yellowed in the heat. It may be time to prune them back, encourage root growth and hope for a second bloom maybe in the fall. The correopsis is slow to bloom, not the riot of blooms that I have had in prior years.

I cleared out the herb garden, tearing up mint and oregano by the fistful. I drew water from the rain barrels to give the Berry Patch extra attention. The ground under the straw cover stays surprisingly moist.

I applied fertilizer on the rhaphiolepis in the Triangle Garden. The recommendation was for a nitrogen rich fertilizer, which I could not find. I will try 10-5-14 and see what results, if any, I get.

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