August 20, 2021

Today was the first day cool enough to spend the morning in the yard. I mowed the overgrown lawn and weeded and deadheaded for two hours or so. That process included digging out sprinkler heads that had been overgrown.

The garden plants are reviving after the intense heat of the past two weeks. Two rose bushes show new growth and blooms. I pruned back the dark red rose bush back to its core.

The morning chores including deadheading the Mexican daisy in the Back Corner garden. The daisy in the Box Garden receives more water and is thriving, although it produces fewer blooms. I cut back the maida elegans to its core, releasing a swirl of pineapple scent.

Another five bottles of older wine were poured onto the plants. I need to ask Del about the benefits or harm from steady wine irrigation. If harmful in large quantities, I have a few favorite areas just below the retaining where I would be glad to poison the soil.

The rhaphiolepis, euonymus and columbine in the Triangle Garden received another application of 10-5-14 fertilizer.

I continued uncoiling the 1 1/4 inch PVC pipe line that reaches 200 feet down the hill from the valves at the barn to the Fire Prevention Pond. Mike connected another 60 feet of leftover line to extend it well into the pond.

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