September 2, 2021

I left the back porch lights on last night to deter prowlers into the Back Border Garden. The irrigation line connector was still intact this morning, although I will next try Del’s suggestion of leaving out a bowl of water to eliminate the need to take apart the irrigation line. The deer appear to enjoy a varied diet of crape myrtle, lemon tree foliage and roses

I tended to two near casualties from the summer heat, cutting back the dead growth on the pink salvia and sweet pea in the Front Border Garden. The sweet pea will look odd for a while because the center was dead but green growth was left on the sides. A kind of sideburns to compensate for the absence on top.

The Berry Patch continues to have good irrigation. The straw blanket was damp this morning, and all three plants are coming back with new growth after being Spotified.

I picked up another watering pad from Valley Springs. It purpose is to spread water over a broader area around new plantings, also to provide a cover to hold in moisture. I will try it next to Grandmother Oleander where multiple penstemons and a hebe have gone to die.

I will mow the back lawn as soon as it has dried. Outdoor works is still manageable at midday,

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