November 7, 2018

Today is the day after one of the most divisive elections in our country’s history.  The land gives me comfort and peace.

The front slope showed deep gullies and soil erosion.  I cannot tell if the gullies running down the soil are the result of runaway drip irrigation or enthusiastic gophers or other animals.  The erosion below one of the larger pink geraniums is concerning as it may undermine the roots.  I unearthed another large stone from the side of the driveway and planted it to shore up the slope below the geranium.  The soil erosion in the middle of the slope never seems to bother the manzanita.  I haul in a new layer of soil regularly.

The Ranch is back on standard time and sunset is soon after five o’clock.  The sunsets are spectacular this time with the low cloud cover on the hills.  Tonight the sky was on fire, not literally thank God, with an intense red glow along the surrounding ridges.  The pond also caught fire by the reflected glow.   Such a sight for a few minutes at the end of the day is why I retired.

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