January 12, 2019

We had a break in the weather and a sunny day today.  Mike and I removed the limb that was overhanging the driveway, the same tree that MJ trimmed two or years ago at the direction of Cal Fire.  Mike scrambled up the extension ladder with the chainsaw running.  My part was to take the other end of the rope attached to the branch and have it come down somewhere other than on the spigot, the outflow pipe, the extension ladder and either on of us. I was successful and helped drag up the debris and load Mike’s trailer to supplement his burn pile.  He told me he would renew the permit for two years.

I am now approved to use a chain saw.  Mike is a patient teacher. He and I agreed that neither one of us would use a chain saw unless the other was present. The pull cord is stiff and is on the left side of the chain saw, away from my dominant hand.  I managed to get it running and sawed up the tree that I hauled out of the back yard.

The smaller marguerite daisy appears to be the only loss from the wind and rain last week. The wind tore away the entire plant above ground.  I moved the camellia under the shelter of the porch in anticipation of another storm or two due next week.

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