May 29, 2019

Today was mostly a working day, watching the garden from the office window.  The dry season has officially started but is not excessively warm; the house retains cool nighttime temperatures.

I came down yesterday by way of Liberty Road and North Camanche Parkway, along the high road above Camanche Reservoir.  From that height the road yields a panoramic view of the reservoir, spectacular and worth a little slow traffic in the village.  The alternate route to the ranch was no longer in terms of time.

Awol dropped out of a tree to greet me and scared me half to death.  I trimmed the dead blooms from Mike’s roses and  supplemented the water to his tomatoes and cucumber.  I appreciate the long  lingering days that allow watering and weeding the front garden at sunset.

Full sun 3.21,  Sunset 8.15


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