May 30, 2019

I spent the early morning watering the back yard.  The front half of the large planter box benefits from overachieving lawn sprinklers, including the Bermuda grass that seems to spread everywhere.  I will keep the Roundup dispenser handy and spray with abandon.

I moved the pots with the aeonium and the agave to the back yard, in front of the terra cotta planter.  While I was there, I watered the daisies and the aptenia.  Without the benefit of a long ramp up, the aptenia nonetheless seems to be taking hold and spreading.  Not as fast as the weeds and crab grass but still spreading.



The bulbine crowds that section of the garden and is growing profusely.  In the fall I will transplant it on the other side of the crape myrtle planter box.

I was delighted to see the irises growing up among the alyssum in the triangle garden.  They did not make an appearance last year, and I thought they were gone altogether.  That corner of the triangle garden is furthest from the house wall and receives the most sun.  I will try to keep the irises in good health with supplemental water.  After all, they are growing right next to the rain barrels.

Senecio has an odd feathery bloom, much like a dandelion.  Eventually it should produce a yellow flower if the plant label is to be believed.  The licorice plant is showing many buds and will bloom profusely this year.  I was promised a red straw flower with a yellow center.

I made the run to Lowe’s for a hose box and rose fertilizer spikes.  I am tired of unwinding and rewinding 100 feet of hose, releasing crimps and having the hose loop into itself.

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