July 27, 2019

I was up early, Spots having his breakfast at 6.00. More potato shrub disappears.

I soaked all the plants in anticipation of a four day stay in Oakland.  The royal blue salvia is looking a little thin.  I buried a fertilizer spike near the rhaphiolepis in the triangle garden.  I need to investigate when the camellia is best fed.

I raked dead grass off the hillside, away from the back lawn and down the slope.  Not quite weed whacking but substantial clearing. The slope will not take my gas-powered weed whacker.

The sprinkler line to the terra cotta planter was out –  the main irrigation line pulled down the hill taking the sprinkler line with it.  I reposted the sprinkler in the planter and  added a bubbler to hold it in place.

The program for the next two months will be monitoring the irrigation system   I added Preen mulch add around the euphorbia and Japanese euonymus below the summer house, hoping for water retention. Still, a far cry from the days when I hacked through the overgrowth below the summer house to find the spigot.

The carpet roses are coming back handsomely, although they have yet to bloom.  I supplemented the water to them and to the matilija poppies.  Prayers for Leah who may not make it.  

I mowed the lawn, edged the sides without decapitating any lawn sprinkler and was out the door for Oakland at 11.30.

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