October 31, 2019

I had an early morning run into Jackson along Stony Creek Road, and the snowflake in my car came on at 39 degrees.  The high temperature today is 71 degrees, the low 41. I feel the 30 degree differential when I am out in the early morning giving Spots his breakfast.

I continue to water the succulents in-ground and in pots to prevent exposure to cold nights.  I also supplemented the water to the ice plant around the white oleander and in the transplant tray in the front border garden.  The ice plant and Crown of Thorns euphorbia in the back yard may be more sheltered and seem less affected by cold temperatures.

I generously watered all three camellias as they enter their budding season.  The camellia in the triangle garden is shadowed by that corner of the house and the front porch.  I expect it will be the last to bloom.

I delivered the bunk bed to Stockton and managed city traffic without wrecking either the truck or Mike’s trailer.  The reaction time in a loaded truck is much slower.  Cali told me that Noah was ready to move out of his crib and would be glad to have a real bed of his own.

I restored the irrigation lines to the oenothera in the circle garden at the barn.  At some point the drip lines were pulled away and the plant was not receiving water.  I applied supplemental water to the entire area where the oenothera would like to root and will keep it on the intensive care list.


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