April 7, 2020

Today was a bright sunny day devoted to maintenance. Week three of social isolation.  Little nuthatches kept  me company while working in the garden.

The far north end of the front border garden has always looked ratty, even more so with the springtime weeds.  I dug out the area and laid flagstones to finish the platform near the valves.  My usual routine followed, watering in the Preen and a applying a layer of mulch around the ceanothus up to the planter.

The irrigation hose has low pressure, but the spigot does not seem to be the problem.  Will need to investigate with a new nozzle.  

I spent the after noon digging out the remaining 21 foot bed at the downward slope of the back lawn. That section has the opposite problem from the other side of the citrus planter – ground slopes away.  I collected and laid a combination of pavers, bricks and stones to shore up the downward edge of the bed and the retaining wall that will sit on that edge.  Eventually I will shore up the rocks with concrete border guards.  The soil was heavy soil and the grass compacted grass, made for hard digging.

I attacked the oxalis with Roundup.   The label promises results within 24 hours.

Sunset comes just before 8.00 these evening, and tonight moonrise was almost the same time.  A full moon, large as a dinner plate, rose serenely above the barn.   

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