July 13, 2020

The house temperature was only down to 77 degrees overnight.  Time to decamp to Oakland for a few days.

One last project before I headed out, lifting up one more flagstone and digging out the Bermuda grass trailers underneath it.  I pulled back the grass for a clean edge to the lawn along the flagstones.  I added paver sand where I dug out clumps of Bermuda grass and watered it in.  While I was there, I gave additional water to the section of Jerry’s ice plant that is struggling in the heat.

I cut back excess water on the irrigation feeders to the lily and alyssum in the Triangle Garden.  No need to water the sidewalk.

Pruning back the maida elegans just for the wonderful pineapple scent and to keep it off the crape myrtle First time pruning back Myrtle of the Far East See how she responds to removal of dead blossoms in midseason








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